“Chalk Art Made Me Listen to the Message!”

“Honey, I’m a changed man!  I’M saved, totally new inside!  I accepted Jesus as my Savior…” The man exclaimed to his fiancée in the church parking lot.  That evening R came to revival because his girlfriend told him he needed it.  He entered the building angry with himself and the world, determined not to listen, He had been to church before and knew how to tune out a preacher!


But, the artwork surprised him.  As he watched Rev. Haynes drawing, he began to listen to the Scripture and message wondering how the picture would develop. R thought, “I want to be like that Evangelist, have his joy, live a happy life with a loving family…. I want to be a changed man like the Apostle Paul.”

R began to cry during the invitation and left the building as quickly as possible after the pastor dismissed the service.  Crying in the car, his fiancée told him that he needed to go talk with the Evangelist and get right with God.  R came back in, and said through tears, “I’m Lost! I’M lost.” God used the artwork to make R hear  THE WORD of salvation!  Good News Chalk Talks…worthy of consideration in your ministry.


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