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Let Our Faith Be Seen in 2019!

Thanks for helping our family leave more evidence of our faith in communities across America!  Ever since I started chalk art ministry in 1994, I have prayerfully wondered what God planned for the future.  Would there always be opportunities and open doors to use Art  to teach the Bible?  Yip, here we go again for an amazing line up of ministry from Pennsylvania to New Mexico, Alabama to Alaska, and all in between in 2019!  
This summer a church is bringing youth and adults for a missions experience with us at Summer Camp on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico.  Pray for God’s refreshing Spirit in making disciples together.
 Thanks for your prayers and generosity in sustaining our family in ministry.  We always say yes to opportunities; and,  God always provides along the way.   We are truly happy and blessed in Christ!  Check out the ideas below for a great year of personal and corporate evangelism:

Banner 2019 2

Evangelistic Ideas for Every Season…
JAN:  Take some homemade cookies and a devotional booklet, like Our Daily Bread, to every neighbor within sight of your home and/or church.
FEB:   Print valentines for everyone in your daily routine.  Quote 1 John 4:10 or John 3:16.  Sign it, “Your Christian Friend from ChurchName.”
MAR: Change your media background, social media post colors, and clothing to reflect the wordless gospel message, and tell others the meanings.
APR:  Print out Easter Hymns/Choruses and gather a group to go “Easter Caroling” in neighborhoods or extended care facilities.
MAY: Sponsor Good News Chalk Talks for an Evangelistic Block Party in a low-income housing common area. Personally distribute flyers and meet the residents.
JUN:  Sponsor a youth you know for a Bible camp experience, offering information to the parents, financial and transportation assistance.
JUL:    Get popcorn and a Christian movie, invite an un-churched friend to your home or church to view–or give it away with a church invitation.
AUG: Sponsor a back to school pizza party, inviting a Chalk Evangelist, Police Officer, and Christian with a great over-comer salvation testimony.
SEP:   Send a letter to every first-responder/local leader you can think of, thank them for serving & invite them to church-include a gospel track.
OCT:  Ask an un-churched friend to attend a revival or church service with you and give feedback as to how they find it relevant/helpful for life.
NOV: Prepare a Thanksgiving Food Box & deliver it with a church invitation.

Facilitate these ideas by providing church programming conducive to evangelism.  Keep devotional booklets available, print gospel tracts with church information, provide wordless books & bracelets, Bible camp affiliation and promotion, recommend Christian media, promote Friend Days, Chalk Revival Services, and intentional community outreach plans.

DEC:  Print a Christmas Carol Sheet w/ church info. Gather a group & carry copies to a neighborhood–give a copy to each home as you sing.


To Pass or Not to Pass… Not the Question

Haynes Family w bkgdRecently three very different people, an auto mechanic, a senior citizens ministry director, and a pastor, asked me basically the same question, “Why would, and how could, you come do a Chalk Talk if the group is too small even to pay your expenses?”  After all, they don’t pass offering plates in jails and schools.  Very small and spiritually developing churches often struggle to justify adequately compensating a pastor, much less an evangelist.

In our promotional materials, Good News Chalk Talks clearly states that our family lives by faith in God, with our livelihood coming from love-offerings from the evangelism ministry.  We request that the expenses for a meeting be covered, as much as the organization is able, for travel at the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate, allowances for meals during travel, and for art supplies/equipment.  In addition to expenses, the Haynes Family is content with a love offering and/or honorarium appropriate to the time and type of ministry provided.  Finances should never be an obstacle to ministry, but rather an opportunity for God to glorify Himself as Jehovah Jireh—Our Provider.  We encourage the church leadership to Customize the Engagement Confirmation and financial arrangement to fit their needs and abilities.

I pastored for about 6 years out the past 25 years, so I know that situations vary and that evangelism efforts play a key role in the local church.  Therefore, we encourage each pastor to handle the finances so that the church is blessed and not “stressed.”  Our Great Lord always provides in other ways–we know by our long experience in faith ministry :-).  Our ministry is to be a blessing to every congregation, to give them an opportunity to have a special service (invite the lost and unchurched) which engages the surrounding community.  We will deliver an enriching Bible message with a drawing to give away as you decide.  I recommend promoting that the person who INVITES the most people to come to church that Sunday wins the artwork.  And, we want to encourage church leadership to keep on keeping on for Christ.  We appreciate pastors and churches who are open with me, the evangelist, on their specific circumstances.  We desire to be a blessing and trust God will get all the glory on both ends of the financial arrangements.  We are supported by churches and individuals who want to see the Gospel spread to every creature on earth.

Four Boys Place Faith in Christ

At the end of this chalk talk entitled, “Where is Your Faith?”, four boys were curiously excited around the altar. They weren’t sure what to do, but they knew they needed Christ for salvation. The pastor realized their need, spoke with them, and they received Christ as Savior. God’s amazing work draws souls to salvation in response to His Word all across America. Praise Him for churches who still believe in having “Revival Services.”

Thank you for praying for and supporting our family in chalk art evangelism ministry.  (Click Here to Donate Online) As we lift up Christ, God continues to draw men, women, boys and girls to follow Him and grow in their faith! Pastors consistently testify of better than average attendance and positive responses to the chalk art in revivals and special services. By the end of this week alone, we will have done seven chalk art services in three states. These include a retirement center and revival in Virginia, and special services in three other churches in West Virginia and North Carolina. Our family heads to southern Alabama for most of the month of November, then back to Virginia & North Carolina for the Christmas season. Life stays busy, as we look forward to 2018 with mission work booked for Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, nine youth camps & Bible schools already scheduled, student ministries, revivals, and special services all over America. Bible Chalk Talks engage all ages, enrich believers with clearly illustrated message, and encourage church leaders to keep sowing the precious seed of the Gospel.Haynes Family w bkgd

Sara (age 12) plans to participate in a lead singing role at the Max Creek Baptist Church Christmas program in Pulaski this year. Keli (16), an excellent driver, just got her permanent driver’s license issued from the court this week. Everyone is healthy and happy as we serve the Lord together.

Our Christian Footprint

IMG_20170715_151249366_HDR.jpgWe pulled over to view Exit Glacier near Seward, Alaska, when I looked back at our Motorhome sitting at the base of a gorgeous, snow-topped mountain.  Was it just a Diesel Pusher RV, and what impact did we have on our surroundings driving through the United States of America?  First, it occurred to me that that vehicle was our Ministry Home, not just another big recreational vehicle.  The Gospel shines from every window, and Christ is displayed and reflected through our life and work wherever we go.  I hope our impact (and yours) is measured through our Christian Footprint rather than simply our Carbon Footprint.  Good News Chalk Talks leave a lasting impression, or Christian Footprint, on  the lives of many who otherwise might never clearly see the Gospel. People look at “” on our MH and ask what we represent. We simply say, “Christ,” and engage each one in a conversation of faith.  Pray for God to use our Christian Footprints, and yours!

Joy in Christ,
Dwight & Ann HAYNES & family

Evangelism at McDonalds!

Golden Arches to the Golden City

Golden Arches to the Golden City

Dwight, that man just said, “Nobody cares about me.”  At 11:30am, Friday, August 11, 2017, our family stopped at McDonald’s for lunch in Southbury, Connecticut.  As we are finishing our meal, my Wife Ann overhead a tall, slender young man standing nearby say, “I’m not worth anything, not even good enough for someone to tell me to have a nice day.  Nobody cares about me!” We all looked over at the fellow talking to himself at the fountain drink dispenser. Walking over to refill my cup, I said to him, “Jesus loves you, and I hope you have a Great day, a very blessed day!” Dwayne replied with a smile, “You must be a Christian.  I want to be part of a church. Do you think a church would accept me?  A half hour later, this 26-year-old heroin addict had prayed to receive Christ into his life as Savior and was reading the Bible we shared with him.  What a joy to keep God’s appointments for missions and ministry. Pray for our new Brother in Christ, Dwayne.

Golden Arches to the Golden City

Golden Arches to the Golden City

Good News Chalk Talks

Evangelist Dwight Haynes & Family

Saving a Nation

Each series of services on our 2017 Summer Mission began with a clear illustration of Psalm 33’s declaration that souls saved brings God’s blessings on any nation.


These two weeks of Navajo Bible Camp and meeting with leaders of the Navajo Nation for prayers for God’s wisdom and blessings on our National heritage, we believe that God is working in mighty ways because you and others are investing in souls for Christ.  It’s been our privilege to sow the Gospel seed here in America’s Southwest. Keep praying for God to renew the spiritual zeal of Christian laborers among our Native American brothers and sisters.  Pray for God to send more laborers in the Gospel to this field that is indeed ripe for harvest.  Pray for the President, Vice President and other Christian leaders on the Navajo Council to lead with wisdom and godliness to bless this nation.  Our family moves to the Great North Country, Alaska, for ministry in mid-July.  Many people need Christ, many pastors need encouragement, many believers need a refreshing from above, so we go to serve our great Lord.  Joy in Christ!


Purpose-filled Family Travels

“Your travels sound a bit random!  Is there an order to where you go and when?”  asked one supporting church member after seeing our ministry slide

Evangelist Dwight Haynes & Family

presentation.  The answer is a resounding, “Yes!  There is order and efficiency in our travels.”  The Lord opens the doors for our broader travel destinations, and we plan a year or more ahead of time to work out a reasonable route and schedule of events.  So, we are traveling and ministering all along the way, often having the privilege to stop at inspirational and educational venues between Chalk Talks.  For example, when we passed by The Ark Encounter last summer, we spent a day touring that amazing testimony of God’s Word.  We often take the time to travel the highways and byways of America, passing through small towns to see our American heritage, history, and many tributes to our military heroes.  We plan our travels to visit missionaries, spend time with pastors, fellowship with retired Christian servants, and generally share the Gospel with all those we meet along the way.  So, our family travels together in an effective, efficient way year-round for God’s Glory!  Thanks for your prayers as we set out on a 3-month journey of just such amazing ministry as I described above…to Alaska and back on a mission for Christ.

Haynes Family on a Mission

ALASKA Chalk Talks in July

We plan to hold chalk-art services in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, in JULY.  This is a unique ministry where three culturally diverse churches meet in the same building, rescuing people from the wrecked lives of addiction to new hope in Christ.  Pastor & Mrs. Wayne Graves will join us with a mission team from Ada, OK, to help us in Anchorage (Pray for God’s preparing hearts to receive His Word).


Paint party Rev. Dwight Haynes

Good News Chalk Talks

From there, we continue on to open-air evangelism and outreach ministries in Wisconsin and U.P. Michigan before a mid-August revival in Moscow, Pennsylvania.  We should be home by August 20 to regroup for a packed Fall schedule of revivals, schools, and special services in VA, NC, AL, WV, and beyond!

            Pray for the Good News of Jesus Christ to touch many hearts.  Every time a sinner turns to Christ for salvation, we rejoice with heaven’s angels.  As you pray, spread the word about our ministry, as we need both monthly support to sustain our family as well as special offerings to make all of this summer’s travel possible.  Thank you for helping us spread the joy of Christ!

Missions with a TEAM…West to the Navajo Nation!

Thank you for praying for our family in ministry as full-time, faith missionaries encouraging local churches and Winn Familytheir surrounding communities.  The chalk-art opens many doors for ministry, and we very much appreciate your support to keep us available for God’s use.

We leave Virginia in our RV on the evening of May 27th, after sharing the Graduation Address for Pathway Christian Academy in Christiansburg, VA.  Then, in North Carolina a dear friend, Pastor Randy Winn, his wife and daughter will caravan with us for 6 weeks of mission work.  Memorial Day begins our trek to a church/school ministry in Louisville, KY (pray for good response from students and families in the community). Then, we head tSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESo Oklahoma for revival, outreach, and multi-ethnic ministries in Oklahoma City and Albuquerque, NM.  We will spend two weeks in mid-June as keynote speaker and workers at Whispering Cedars Bible Camp on the Navajo Reservation in central New Mexico (Pray for additional workers for this camp).


God’s Purposeful Crossing of our Paths

As our family prays daily together, we often give thanks Haynes family 2017 w Bkgd bestfor God’s blessings of you being in our lives.  We appreciate His weaving us together in unique ways to encourage one another.  You probably ask, “Is that Haynes Family always so excited about what they do?”  The answer is “Yes. Yes! YES!”  Because, it’s God’s calling and His giftedness for us!

This year is FULL of ministry all across the United States.  Spring & Fall brings revivals, community events, and special services near and far.  We spend about 3 months a year helping missions in America, from inner-city and multi-cultural works to Bible camps.  We commit to every invitation, depending often 2017Missionon missions support and faith-promise giving.  God always makes a way for the Gospel to be shared, believers to be enriched, and church leaders encouraged.  It’s amazing to watch all of this unfold!  This year is our biggest endeavor yet, so please share this with your church congregation and/or missions committee for a possible special offering for this season of missions.