Our Christian Footprint

IMG_20170715_151249366_HDR.jpgWe pulled over to view Exit Glacier near Seward, Alaska, when I looked back at our Motorhome sitting at the base of a gorgeous, snow-topped mountain.  Was it just a Diesel Pusher RV, and what impact did we have on our surroundings driving through the United States of America?  First, it occurred to me that that vehicle was our Ministry Home, not just another big recreational vehicle.  The Gospel shines from every window, and Christ is displayed and reflected through our life and work wherever we go.  I hope our impact (and yours) is measured through our Christian Footprint rather than simply our Carbon Footprint.  Good News Chalk Talks leave a lasting impression, or Christian Footprint, on  the lives of many who otherwise might never clearly see the Gospel. People look at “ChalkTalks.net” on our MH and ask what we represent. We simply say, “Christ,” and engage each one in a conversation of faith.  Pray for God to use our Christian Footprints, and yours!

Joy in Christ,
Dwight & Ann HAYNES & family

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