About Dwight Haynes

Evangelist & Gospel Chalk-Artist

Preaching, Drawing, Singing God’s Good News!

Rev. Dwight Haynes is a master chalk-artist and biblical evangelist.  He holds a Masters degree in Religious Education from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Theology degree from Piedmont Bible College (now Carolina University) with youth and music minors.  He and his Wife, Ann, sing beautifully together.

Dwight has utilized God’s ministry gifts since 1994 as a Gospel Chalk-Artist, serving professionally as a missionary to extended-care facility residents, as senior pastor of churches in Virginia and North Carolina, and as an international missionary-evangelist.  He has travelled with his talents to minister in 49 of the United States of America and in England, Scotland, and Southeast Asia.  His wife and two beautiful daughters have served alongside him to inspire and relate God’s love to many.

Having served as a classical Christian school administrator, Pastor Haynes and his wife homeschooled their children with biblical conviction and enjoyed ministry and family together.  He has served on the board of directors of Beulah House, a hospice home in Virginia, and on the board of Life Development International, a missionary-training ministry.

 Contact Brother Dwight for Scheduling:

Dwight@ChalkTalks.net    (540) 230-5782

4582 Miller Lane, Pulaski, Virginia  24301


2 responses to “About Dwight Haynes

  1. I have seen Dwight draw many pictures and I have learned something new every time. His drawings are fascinating. I want to learn how to do that some day. He recently came to my church ,Calvary Baptist Church, and taught at awana. I am in a part of my Awana book that tells me to choose a missionary and I have chosen Dwight Haynes. My book says either pray for the missionary, give money to the missionary, or serve the missionary in some way. I was wondering what way I could serve Dwight in so I came to his website.

  2. Rev. Dwight Haynes and his family came to do a Sunday morning service at Glenwood Assembly of God Church in Glenwood Alabama. Rev. Haynes brought an anointing service with his preaching, singing and Chalk Talks drawing. His message was uplifting and a blessing for our congregation of all ages. He is truly a man of God on a mission to reach the spiritual needs of all people.

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