God’s Purposeful Crossing of our Paths

As our family prays daily together, we often give thanks Haynes family 2017 w Bkgd bestfor God’s blessings of you being in our lives.  We appreciate His weaving us together in unique ways to encourage one another.  You probably ask, “Is that Haynes Family always so excited about what they do?”  The answer is “Yes. Yes! YES!”  Because, it’s God’s calling and His giftedness for us!

This year is FULL of ministry all across the United States.  Spring & Fall brings revivals, community events, and special services near and far.  We spend about 3 months a year helping missions in America, from inner-city and multi-cultural works to Bible camps.  We commit to every invitation, depending often 2017Missionon missions support and faith-promise giving.  God always makes a way for the Gospel to be shared, believers to be enriched, and church leaders encouraged.  It’s amazing to watch all of this unfold!  This year is our biggest endeavor yet, so please share this with your church congregation and/or missions committee for a possible special offering for this season of missions.


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