To Pass or Not to Pass… Not the Question

Haynes Family w bkgdRecently three very different people, an auto mechanic, a senior citizens ministry director, and a pastor, asked me basically the same question, “Why would, and how could, you come do a Chalk Talk if the group is too small even to pay your expenses?”  After all, they don’t pass offering plates in jails and schools.  Very small and spiritually developing churches often struggle to justify adequately compensating a pastor, much less an evangelist.

In our promotional materials, Good News Chalk Talks clearly states that our family lives by faith in God, with our livelihood coming from love-offerings from the evangelism ministry.  We request that the expenses for a meeting be covered, as much as the organization is able, for travel at the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate, allowances for meals during travel, and for art supplies/equipment.  In addition to expenses, the Haynes Family is content with a love offering and/or honorarium appropriate to the time and type of ministry provided.  Finances should never be an obstacle to ministry, but rather an opportunity for God to glorify Himself as Jehovah Jireh—Our Provider.  We encourage the church leadership to Customize the Engagement Confirmation and financial arrangement to fit their needs and abilities.

I pastored for about 6 years out the past 25 years, so I know that situations vary and that evangelism efforts play a key role in the local church.  Therefore, we encourage each pastor to handle the finances so that the church is blessed and not “stressed.”  Our Great Lord always provides in other ways–we know by our long experience in faith ministry :-).  Our ministry is to be a blessing to every congregation, to give them an opportunity to have a special service (invite the lost and unchurched) which engages the surrounding community.  We will deliver an enriching Bible message with a drawing to give away as you decide.  I recommend promoting that the person who INVITES the most people to come to church that Sunday wins the artwork.  And, we want to encourage church leadership to keep on keeping on for Christ.  We appreciate pastors and churches who are open with me, the evangelist, on their specific circumstances.  We desire to be a blessing and trust God will get all the glory on both ends of the financial arrangements.  We are supported by churches and individuals who want to see the Gospel spread to every creature on earth.


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