Planning An Event

Planning A Chalk-Art Event


God gives salvation free. However, The Bible says in 1Corinthians 9:14 “… the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.”  Dwight and his family live a simple life by faith with their livelihood coming from love-offerings.

We ask that arrangements for housing and meals be arranged in advance, and that expenses be covered as a reimbursement at the current IRS Standard Mileage Rate for travel, and for any receipts for meals during travel.  Beyond that, the Haynes Family is content with a love offering on top of their expenses.  If it is not appropriate to take up this type of offering, other honorarium options can be discussed. Please provide space for a table at the service entrance for Dwight to display information about his ministry and resources available to those attending.


  • The room should be as dark as possible, but the drawing can be adjusted to suit any lighting environment–even outside settings.
  • The chalk-easel has a sound system which can accommodate many settings or feed into another with a standard XLR microphone cable.
  • Please ask the sound controller to arrive early to assist with set-up.


Dwight does many meetings each year traveling with his family (wife and two young daughters).  Accommodations should be private for study and allow for his family to conduct home-school.  Dwight and his family welcome staying in a home, a hotel (2 double beds with a pull-out couch or a small suite is preferred), or a prophet’s chamber.  We do ask that the church discuss meals with Dwight and provide for his family either in restaurants, in homes, or at the church facilities.  Church classes or groups may wish to provide meals & fellowship with the family.  The Haynes can also bring their RV as long as the church is willing to cover an additional 20 cents per mile fuel supplement and a grocery stipend.

How does the church prepare?

  • Get excited about it!
  • Pray for God’s power and for personal receptivity to God’s Word.
  • Use the provided materials to promote the meeting several weeks in advance:
    • 4 weeks prior, use first half-page bulletin insert (front intro & back bio) and distribute full-page posters.
    • 3 weeks prior, use second half-page insert (single sided), post on website, and release to local media.
    • 2 weeks prior, reproduce (either on card stock or Avery Business Cards) “Invitation Cards” for members to distribute.  Also, post “GOOD NEWS CHALK TALKS” with dates and times on the church marquee sign.
  • Invite friends and church neighbors to see and hear God’s Word: using signs, cards, posters, e-mail, FaceBook, and texts.
  • Spread the Word that the chalk-drawing will be given away at the service to the one who either INVITES or BRINGS the most visitors, and let’s try to get many people out to her God’s Good News!

 This Unique Ministry attracts All ages to watch attentively the blending chalks & lighting effects.  It utilizes Art and Meaningful Music to complement a propositional, expository Bible message.  Chalk-art Implants a lasting impression of the Scriptural messages.

 Contact Brother Dwight for scheduling by  e-mail,, or by phone, (540) 230-5782.

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5 responses to “Planning An Event

  1. We are looking for a guest at our third annual Ladies & Gentlemen Christmas Tea on Saturday, Dec. 3rd at 2:00 pm. Would you be interested/available? We located in the Eastern Panhandle of WV, 30 min. north of Winchester, VA and minutes south of Hagerstown, MD

  2. Can you please point me to a contact in Charlotte, NC? We are trying to get someone to do a chalktalk on Dec 24.

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