Evangelism at McDonalds!

Golden Arches to the Golden City

Golden Arches to the Golden City

Dwight, that man just said, “Nobody cares about me.”  At 11:30am, Friday, August 11, 2017, our family stopped at McDonald’s for lunch in Southbury, Connecticut.  As we are finishing our meal, my Wife Ann overhead a tall, slender young man standing nearby say, “I’m not worth anything, not even good enough for someone to tell me to have a nice day.  Nobody cares about me!” We all looked over at the fellow talking to himself at the fountain drink dispenser. Walking over to refill my cup, I said to him, “Jesus loves you, and I hope you have a Great day, a very blessed day!” Dwayne replied with a smile, “You must be a Christian.  I want to be part of a church. Do you think a church would accept me?  A half hour later, this 26-year-old heroin addict had prayed to receive Christ into his life as Savior and was reading the Bible we shared with him.  What a joy to keep God’s appointments for missions and ministry. Pray for our new Brother in Christ, Dwayne.

Golden Arches to the Golden City

Golden Arches to the Golden City

Good News Chalk Talks

Evangelist Dwight Haynes & Family


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