At-A-Boy from Pastor Ed Lanning

I am excited to recommend Brother Dwight Haynes and his ministry to fellow pastors.  I have known Dwight for about ten years and our friendship began when I had him minister at our church’s revival meetings.

God has gifted him as an excellent preacher of the Word, a
skilled musician as a singer and instrumentalist, and a creative chalk artist.

People of all ages will be touched by brother Haynes’ presentation of the good news of Jesus Christ!

Rev. Edward Lanning              Hillsville, VA    

Our Journeys in the Eyes of a Child

“Dad, I hope we have a flat tire again this year on one of our trips, God may DSC01028have some more people for you to meet.”  I sighed and whispered a prayer, “Thank you Lord, Sara gets it.”  There are no problems, only challenges and opportunities to give God the glory.

On a more serious note, we find daily that we either serve by faith, or we stop in fear.  As a result of meeting a pastor during a flat tire in the Arizona desert in 2013, we ended up planning a ministry trip to Alabama this past November.  We set out to serve a small congregation on a love-offering basis, trusting God to provide our needs.

An open door came to minister in another town, and yet a third town before we left Alabama.  In the end, the love-offerings from those three services provided for all travel and our family needs during November.

We have many appointments for ministry in 2015 that will take us to Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and several other states along the way.  From our experience, more ministries await us beyond the ones we know.  God opens these doors; and, we plan to go to preach Christ, believing that God will provide the means.

Try Chalk-Talks for VBS and Summer Ministries

Rev. Dwight Haynes offers customized programs for your needs, and tailors chalk-talks to existing curriculum for the Bible teaching of combined age groups. 

Conferences, Bible Schools, Camps, and More

Click on this image, and use it to recommend our ministry.  This is sound Bible teaching combined with the God-given talent of postcardrecommendour family.

I preach, my wife sings, one of our daughters helps us draw in some services, and we travel as a family to encourage families all over America!

Blessings and Joy in Christ, Dwight & Ann Haynes

November Prayers and Praise Report

What a joy to serve and watc103_1765h God order our steps!  We appreciate your sharing and praying for us. Opportunities to Preach Christ abound this November as we travel and minister in Alabama, Florida, NC, & Virginia are only possible with supporting believers sharing in our mission.  Our new display features a collage of ministry pictures, is light-weight and waterproof for carrying on the back of our RV. Many Christians buy our DVD’s and Books (click for more info) to witness to their friends and family!

God powerfully used His Word to change lives in the revivals during September Thermometer750 11_4_14and October.   PRAY for our 2015 Mission Trip to church plants and missionaries across the USA & Canada, focusing on assisting church-plants, isolated ministries, and Native American missions. The projected expenses are $8,500, so pray to Jehovah Jireh—The Lord Our Provider!  As God opens doors, we faithfully promise to go through them.  If you can give a special gift just for this trip, please click here to send us along.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.

Joyfully yours in Christ,


Learn to Talk with Chalk: Easy, Enjoyable, Effective!

GCA Logo, Gospel Chalk Artist Dwight Haynes, Chalk Art Ministry, Evangelist Dwight HaynesBack by popular demand, a one-day chalk-art ministry basics class.  Join us for a class at the world-class ALPHA ARTS chalk-art training facility in Winston-Salem, NC.  We usually meet on a Saturday from  9:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. at 945 Holland Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101.  I, Dwight Haynes, will be your instructor.

A Willing Spirit is all you need, because You CAN Talk with Chalk!  Class includes basics of chalk-art technique and application to ministry. The fee of $80 includes Syllabus, Resource Packet, chalk & paper starter kit, and text books.  Registration and a $40 Deposit due two weeks prior to the class date.  

If you would like to set up a one-day class in your area, schedul our ministry for a demonstration luncheon for a love offering, or learn about future classes being offered, please email or call (540) 230-5782.  A minimum of 6 students is required to plan a class.

Dwight Haynes Chalk Art Ministry Class 2012

The Biblical Evangelist–OUR MODEL

I have seem jobs listed from large corporations to recruit an evangelist.  What they mean is someone especially charismatic who can sell an idea or product.  What is a biblical evangelist?  Take a look through the book of Acts, where Philip the evangelist is found.  He is an encouragement to the local church leadership in Acts 6 when deacons were chosen to manage the food pantry of the Jerusalem church.  Dr. Luke records Philips willingness and availability to go anywhere on a moment’s notice to skillfully share the Gospel (Acts 8:26-40), even reaching across cultural, economic, and political barriers to do so.  Then, he is so named, “Philip the evangelist,” in Acts 21:8. Paul clarifies the “evangelist,” according to Ephesians 4:11-13, as an assistant role to that of the pastor-teacher in the New Testament church.  The Prophets as well as the Apostles were clearly numbered as a finite group closed by Scripture as the foundation prior to Christ’s established church (see Ephesians 2:20 and Revelation 21:14).  Today, the biblical evangelist has three Scriptural roles based on Philip’s example in Acts and Paul’s commission in Ephesians. We aspire to three goals as a family in ministry following God’s calling to career evangelism.  We evangelize (tell the good news) to the lost by preaching Christ.  We enrich believers by clearly teaching, singing, and illustrating Bible messages.  And, we encourage church leadership by visioning with them the harvest field from our fresh and creative perspective.  The biblical evangelist comes alongside the local church and its pastor to build up Christ’s body.  We serve by faith, supported by believers.  Thanks and praise to God.Dwight Haynes Chalk Art MinistryDwight Preaching 2014Dwight street MI

Family Safe at Border Crossings: Preaching Christ, Nurturing Believers, Encouraging Pastors

We are so blessed toHaynes Chalk Art Ministry have crossed many state borders in 28 days of travel in our Good News Toyota RV without dealing with restrictions, violence, or breakdowns.  Yes, this Summer, we ministered in several states, crossing physical borders, social borders, and religious borders.  Everywhere we went, from the Mountains of Kentucky, to the towns of Michigan, to the cities of Wisconsin, we preached Christ, nurtured believers, and encouraged pastors.

Enjoy this Testimony from a Church-Planter we visited on our month-long U.S.A. Mission Trip this summer (2014):Dwight Haynes Chalk Art Ministry

Hi, I’m Pastor James Burke, and I’d like to share with you a first-hand testimony of the blessing Brother Dwight, his wife Ann and their family are to a struggling church. I have known Brother Dwight for a quarter of a century, and I am impressed with his consistency, both in his personal walk with Christ and in his ministry.

We began to plant Menominee Grace Church in June, 2012, with a clear vision of reaching those who have no connection to Christ at all.  To our people, seeing the Bible as real and relevant to modern life is a brand new experience.  We asked the Haynes family to come and share our first anniversary with us.  One of the things I appreciate about Dwight is his open vision and heart for the lost.  Throughout the week, we went all over town, wherever people were gathering, and he set up his easel and presented the Gospel boldly, clearly and in brilliant color.  

Dwight street MIWhen Dwight preached our anniversary service, God used him to open the eyes of our baby believers to see the possibilities of what they could be in Christ.  In the second year of our church, we faced some very painful challenges, and many of us, myself chiefly, became discouraged. The Haynes family once again came and spent a week with us, ministering to me, my family, our people and our community.  

The greatest challenge I face as a church planter far from my home base is the lack of fellowship.  Proverbs 27:17 tells us, “As iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend.”  I had gotten pretty dull.  Dwight listened with compassion, counseled with wisdom, and challenged me to focus on Christ and not on circumstances.  He reminded me of the whitened fields by talking with me, praying for me, and taking me back out to see my community with fresh eyes.  Once again, we went where the people are, set up and preached Christ.  His family spent time with my people, eating with them, listening to them and reminding them to look at what we had gained rather than what had been lostDwight Haynes Chalk Art Ministry.   

Our Sunday service with the Haynes family was joyous and refreshing.  Dwight and Ann skillfully shared God-honoring music, and Dwight preached a sound expositional message colorfully illustrated in chalk.  God used this ministry to rebuild and reignite a flickering fire.

I strongly recommend Good News Chalk Talks to your ministry and for your missions support!   Feel free to contact me for more information.   – Pastor James Burke,

     This is one of ways we ministered this year.  Our schedule remains full of God’s appointments well into December of this year.  This summer, we ministered in Bible Camps, VBS outreaches, and Evangelistic Block Parties and saw many souls saved!!!

     Serving in full-time evangelism, we have been asking churches to provide our travel expenses, feed us, and take a love offering.  The past two summers, we have raised additional support to travel more extensively and assist missionaries like the Burke family.  Please pray about how the Lord may lead you to support our ministry. 

     You may invest in us to encourage struggling churches that need the ministry of an evangelist.  We live frugally, serve whole-heartedly, and only desire for God to expand our outreach and ministry while we are able to serve with great energy.  Thank you for praying as God opens doors for our family to preach Christ, nurture believers, and encourage pastors.  Thank you for giving one time or on a regular basis—it sure made a difference for Pastor Burke and his family this summer!     Joy in Christ,