Saving a Nation

Each series of services on our 2017 Summer Mission began with a clear illustration of Psalm 33’s declaration that souls saved brings God’s blessings on any nation.


These two weeks of Navajo Bible Camp and meeting with leaders of the Navajo Nation for prayers for God’s wisdom and blessings on our National heritage, we believe that God is working in mighty ways because you and others are investing in souls for Christ.  It’s been our privilege to sow the Gospel seed here in America’s Southwest. Keep praying for God to renew the spiritual zeal of Christian laborers among our Native American brothers and sisters.  Pray for God to send more laborers in the Gospel to this field that is indeed ripe for harvest.  Pray for the President, Vice President and other Christian leaders on the Navajo Council to lead with wisdom and godliness to bless this nation.  Our family moves to the Great North Country, Alaska, for ministry in mid-July.  Many people need Christ, many pastors need encouragement, many believers need a refreshing from above, so we go to serve our great Lord.  Joy in Christ!


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