Four Boys Place Faith in Christ

At the end of this chalk talk entitled, “Where is Your Faith?”, four boys were curiously excited around the altar. They weren’t sure what to do, but they knew they needed Christ for salvation. The pastor realized their need, spoke with them, and they received Christ as Savior. God’s amazing work draws souls to salvation in response to His Word all across America. Praise Him for churches who still believe in having “Revival Services.”

Thank you for praying for and supporting our family in chalk art evangelism ministry.  (Click Here to Donate Online) As we lift up Christ, God continues to draw men, women, boys and girls to follow Him and grow in their faith! Pastors consistently testify of better than average attendance and positive responses to the chalk art in revivals and special services. By the end of this week alone, we will have done seven chalk art services in three states. These include a retirement center and revival in Virginia, and special services in three other churches in West Virginia and North Carolina. Our family heads to southern Alabama for most of the month of November, then back to Virginia & North Carolina for the Christmas season. Life stays busy, as we look forward to 2018 with mission work booked for Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico, nine youth camps & Bible schools already scheduled, student ministries, revivals, and special services all over America. Bible Chalk Talks engage all ages, enrich believers with clearly illustrated message, and encourage church leaders to keep sowing the precious seed of the Gospel.Haynes Family w bkgd

Sara (age 12) plans to participate in a lead singing role at the Max Creek Baptist Church Christmas program in Pulaski this year. Keli (16), an excellent driver, just got her permanent driver’s license issued from the court this week. Everyone is healthy and happy as we serve the Lord together.


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