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Us Four and One More: CHALKIN’ USA Part 1

HaynesFamily2013 279x222 smaller     Us four and one more cuddly creature rolled across America this Summer.  Can this kind of faith ministry to open doors be done in the year of our Lord, two thousand and thirteen?  Sure, with the help of our Lord who promised His disciples the same provision and presence that He granted our family!

We pulled in the driveway on July 8th in our 1986 Toyota Dolphin, micro-mini RV, and looked at each other across the front seat and said, “It seems more like two days than two months!”  What a blessing to see God put together a ministry trip of 25 chalk-art services in places we had never met for people who, for the most part, had never seen chalk-art or met our family.  All along the 6850 mile trek, Good News Chalk Talks were well received with invitations to return for more ministries in the future.

     One year before we left in May, 2013, a church-planter headed for Menominee, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula on the western side of Lake Michigan, asked us to plan to come for his one-year anniversary on the last weekend in June of 2013.  So, our minds and prayers began on how God might use us in other places along the way.  Then, I received an e-mail from a New Mexico friend who said that a camp on the Navaho Nation reservation near Gallup, New Mexico, might enjoy our ministry for children’s camps in June of 2013.  We sent out information and received positive feedback, and the planning began.  My sister in Edmond, Oklahoma, said that she would tell pastors in that area about us.  This resulted in a pastor in Davenport, Oklahoma, inviting us to share sometime in June.  Some dear friends and former professor and wife in Louisville, Kentucky, said that their pastor was interested in us coming for ministry there as well.  Also, a missionary friend recommended us to Child Evangelism Fellowship missionaries reaching out in Chinese churches in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who eventually invited us to share in their dual-church Friday night service.  Appointments were coming in, so the trip planning began.  God’s amazing hand of leadership put the trip together, as we will explain later.  CLICK HERE TO SEE SLIDES from our travels and keep an eye out for the rest of the story!
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Revival Services Take on New Character

As Bible Chalk-Art draws the interest of many, revival services take on a new character.  Drawings are given away in each service to those who INVITE the most to attend, and on the final night to the one who  gets the most visitors in the service.  More importantly, Rev. Haynes preaches and explains God’s Word in a way that will have a lasting impact on all who come.  The good news of salvation is clearly presented in each service.  In a day when REVIVAL is needed, why not schedule a chalk-art revival?  Brother Dwight would be glad to talk about scheduling for the year ahead.