ALASKA Chalk Talks in July

We plan to hold chalk-art services in downtown Anchorage, Alaska, in JULY.  This is a unique ministry where three culturally diverse churches meet in the same building, rescuing people from the wrecked lives of addiction to new hope in Christ.  Pastor & Mrs. Wayne Graves will join us with a mission team from Ada, OK, to help us in Anchorage (Pray for God’s preparing hearts to receive His Word).


Paint party Rev. Dwight Haynes

Good News Chalk Talks

From there, we continue on to open-air evangelism and outreach ministries in Wisconsin and U.P. Michigan before a mid-August revival in Moscow, Pennsylvania.  We should be home by August 20 to regroup for a packed Fall schedule of revivals, schools, and special services in VA, NC, AL, WV, and beyond!

            Pray for the Good News of Jesus Christ to touch many hearts.  Every time a sinner turns to Christ for salvation, we rejoice with heaven’s angels.  As you pray, spread the word about our ministry, as we need both monthly support to sustain our family as well as special offerings to make all of this summer’s travel possible.  Thank you for helping us spread the joy of Christ!

Missions with a TEAM…West to the Navajo Nation!

Thank you for praying for our family in ministry as full-time, faith missionaries encouraging local churches and Winn Familytheir surrounding communities.  The chalk-art opens many doors for ministry, and we very much appreciate your support to keep us available for God’s use.

We leave Virginia in our RV on the evening of May 27th, after sharing the Graduation Address for Pathway Christian Academy in Christiansburg, VA.  Then, in North Carolina a dear friend, Pastor Randy Winn, his wife and daughter will caravan with us for 6 weeks of mission work.  Memorial Day begins our trek to a church/school ministry in Louisville, KY (pray for good response from students and families in the community). Then, we head tSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESo Oklahoma for revival, outreach, and multi-ethnic ministries in Oklahoma City and Albuquerque, NM.  We will spend two weeks in mid-June as keynote speaker and workers at Whispering Cedars Bible Camp on the Navajo Reservation in central New Mexico (Pray for additional workers for this camp).


God’s Purposeful Crossing of our Paths

As our family prays daily together, we often give thanks Haynes family 2017 w Bkgd bestfor God’s blessings of you being in our lives.  We appreciate His weaving us together in unique ways to encourage one another.  You probably ask, “Is that Haynes Family always so excited about what they do?”  The answer is “Yes. Yes! YES!”  Because, it’s God’s calling and His giftedness for us!

This year is FULL of ministry all across the United States.  Spring & Fall brings revivals, community events, and special services near and far.  We spend about 3 months a year helping missions in America, from inner-city and multi-cultural works to Bible camps.  We commit to every invitation, depending often 2017Missionon missions support and faith-promise giving.  God always makes a way for the Gospel to be shared, believers to be enriched, and church leaders encouraged.  It’s amazing to watch all of this unfold!  This year is our biggest endeavor yet, so please share this with your church congregation and/or missions committee for a possible special offering for this season of missions.

“Chalk Art Made Me Listen to the Message!”

“Honey, I’m a changed man!  I’M saved, totally new inside!  I accepted Jesus as my Savior…” The man exclaimed to his fiancée in the church parking lot.  That evening R came to revival because his girlfriend told him he needed it.  He entered the building angry with himself and the world, determined not to listen, He had been to church before and knew how to tune out a preacher!


But, the artwork surprised him.  As he watched Rev. Haynes drawing, he began to listen to the Scripture and message wondering how the picture would develop. R thought, “I want to be like that Evangelist, have his joy, live a happy life with a loving family…. I want to be a changed man like the Apostle Paul.”

R began to cry during the invitation and left the building as quickly as possible after the pastor dismissed the service.  Crying in the car, his fiancée told him that he needed to go talk with the Evangelist and get right with God.  R came back in, and said through tears, “I’m Lost! I’M lost.” God used the artwork to make R hear  THE WORD of salvation!  Good News Chalk Talks…worthy of consideration in your ministry.

Learn Chalk Art in 2 Hours

Sponsor a Paint Party hosting Master Chalk Artist Dwight Haynes at your church.  This shorter version of the 6-hour course makes Chalk Art Ministry more approachable for all ages.  Dwight teaches every participant to draw a single Chalk Drawing and share it’s message in 2-hours.  Everyone goes home with their very own artwork! Possibilities include: Pre-Revival Fellowship, Youth Mixer, Senior Adult Activity, Teacher Training, Holiday/Seasonal Event….  The possibilities are endless!  Call 540-230-5782 or email for details.

Good News Chalk Talks

Good News Chalk Talks

Myth of the Vacationing Evangelist

The Mythical Statement:  “So, traveling in full-time evangelism must be just one big vacation for your family,” says the concerned non-supporter.

Yes, indeed, we travel to many different places (all around the globe) in these 25+ years of ministry.  Our family travels broadly in the U.S.A. Engaging all ages with the Gospel, Enriching believers with Bible teaching, and Encouraging Christian leaders.  When we arrive in one of our nearly 200/year venues, we set up chalk equipment, fellowship with church and community leaders, deal with preliminary and post-meeting paperwork and scheduling, as well as take care of a family regarding home-school and parenting.  We also maintain a home in Pulaski, Virginia, just like any other working family, in addition to maintaining an RV which gets used year-round.  Dwight must develop Bible messages and drawings according to God’s leadership which requires spending time in prayer and study.  Ann develops new music for our ministry as well as manages our missions display materials, set-up, and tear-down at each ministry location.  So, we work diligently to keep the ministry going throughout the year.

Do we see wonderful sights in our beautiful America?  Yes, traveling allows us to see and experience this remarkable country like few others can.  Our family tries to stop in small towns as well as big cities to explore the historical and contemporary educational opportunities available as we are going into all the world to preach the Gospel.  We also witness to many along the way, often praying and sharing resources with people we meet.  Amid the travels, Dwight continues to keep up with correspondence and paperwork for the ministry–a never-ending task.  And, as parents, Dwight & Ann take time with their two daughters to talk, eat meals together, and play as any parent should do.  But, we are by no means on “vacation” when traveling for ministry.  We are meeting the needs of a community, working mainly with small churches, church planters, multi-ethnic congregations, and community events and organizations to further the Good News of Jesus Christ.  And, over a third of the year is spent in local churches, camps, revivals, and VBS ministry in Southwest VIRGINIA, giving back to our home church and surrounding communities.  We maintain a relationship in supporting our local church, tithing, and working when possible locally to minister the Gospel and shine the light of home-missions.

What about VACATION?  We discovered that we do have to schedule a vacation into our calendar.  We tend to plan this during Virginia’s snowy winter season of January or February.  We are not extravagant, but we do emphasize family and find a very enjoyable venue.  This being the off-season in many areas, we can plan ahead to make very economical plans as wise stewards of our missions support.  So, we feel we are not “taking advantage” of those who sacrificially give to support our family in ministry.  Electronics and Internet are put aside for a couple of weeks so that we can just enjoy the time together wherever we choose to go.  It’s a rest, a change of pace, and a much needed break from the routine just like in anyone else’s life.

If you could see, hear, and experience a single chalk-art service, you would say as Pastor Wayne Graves said about our time in Ada, Oklahoma:  “Your Ministry has so touched our small community that we will never be the same again!”  To do that kind of ministry, we must maintain a healthy balance mentally and physically in our family.  We enjoy the work of evangelism as a full-time ministry, and God chooses to use this unique ministry for His glory to draw many to Christ.  As missionaries to America, we appreciate the support of churches and believers to keep us in ministry as a family.

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Dispelling Myths of “Creative Evangelism”


Many Christians and church leaders remain skeptical of bringing art into the pulpit.  I have been preaching for 25 years now, and using art to illustrate many of the messages for over 20 years.  I also sing and play the piano and accordion at times to further exalt God’s precious Word in a service.  All of these are tools in my ministry toolbox.  But, as an evangelist and Bible teacher, it is the simplicity of the preaching of Scripture that God uses to impact souls.  A skilled tradesman knows the usefulness of various tools for each job, and yet the consumer often sees the result with little knowledge of the tools.   Allow me to dispel a couple of myths about the tool of chalk-art in ministry:

Myth #1:  Chalk-Art Is Not Preaching

gca logo master Dwight Haynes, Chalk Art Ministry, Chalk Evangelist Dwight Haynes

In fact, the focus of chalk-art ministry is the teaching and preaching of God’s Word.  Some artists, like myself, talk and draw at the same time, thus the title of my ministry, “Good News Chalk Talks” (  Sometimes we play a musical background while we draw and share a Bible-centered message before or after the drawing.  Either way, chalk-art simply provides a creative and interactive illustration of the Bible message that God has placed on the heart of the evangelist, teacher, or pastor.  I personally hold two degrees, a Bachelor of Theology and a Master of Religious Education, both of which emphasize the practical preaching of Scripture.  Chalk-art has become an effective tool to open doors for ministry as well as a means to interact with the audience so that the message of the Bible is remembered for years to come.  I am a preacher using the effective tool of art to interact with broad audiences.

chuck thomasMyth #2: Chalk-Art Only Appeals to Children

This pastor stated the following after we held revival services:  “Dwight Haynes blends his understanding of God’s Word and his artistic talent. His messages speak to the hearts of all ages. Dwight’s articulation of biblical truth brings Christians and seekers face-to-face with the Savior. God worked through this ministry to bring about a powerful time of refreshing and revival.”  There is no question that there is a special appeal to children, because they are often active learners.  However, we also realize that adults need more activity in learning the Word, since many a dreary eye haunts the church pew during adult Bible studies.  With Chalk-Art, people of all ages actively engage in creating the drawing in their minds, connect the message with a picture, and thus retain much more of the teaching.  In reality, chalk-art is a tremendous resource to minister to the entire church family.  Thus, the chalk-art ministry draws the church body together to receive Scripture like no other medium for times of refreshing and renewal.

small2 eagle drawing

An interest in creation comes from God’s image embedded in our humanity.  Animals do not stop to watch an artist in a park, and yet humans take a keen interest in that creative action.  So, the artistic illustration of a Scriptural message that comes together in front of the observer provides a powerful tool for God to use in ministry.  May our Lord impress upon you ways to incorporate a chalk-art evangelist into your ministry.  If you would like more information, please contact me, Dwight Haynes, 540-230-5782,