Chalk CLASS coming March 29, 2014

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Saturday, MARCH 29, 2014, 10:00am – 4:00pm at the world-class Alpha Arts Studio and Ministry Media Library, 945 Holland Street in Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Chalk Art Ministry Class–Effective, Enjoyable, Easy to learn. The $75 Registration Fee includes printed textbook/syllabus and chalk/paper starter kit. Registration and $75 Fee is due by the Wednesday before class begins.
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Hot, Cold, and Safe Travels: CHALKIN’ USA Part 4

DSC00717 Leaving New Mexico, we traveled to Tucson, Arizona, on an unplanned excursion to meet some stateside missionary friends from Southeast Asia.  This was a blessing, as Brother John and I serve on a mission board of directors together, and our families enjoyed the fellowship.  We then traveled north through Phoenix where two of our rear tires exploded from the 110+ degree heat.  Between the two flat tire experiences, we met four pastors, one of which plans to use us for future ministry in Alabama!  So, God showed us His working all things together for good once again.  We rejoiced in His provision and made a beeline for our next engagement in northern Michigan.  On the way we just happened to take a peek at the Grand Canyon, drive over 10,500 feet above sea level over the Colorado Rockies, drive through several canyons around Monument Valley, glance at Mount Rushmore, see fireworks at Crazy Horse, and stay in the only two Flintstone Campgrounds in the world–all in a week’s travel.

We arrived at our photo (1)church-planter friend’s home and got right to work with street ministry that evening near the local annual Christian festival.  The church is in a storefront with a nice big window, so I set up the easel on the street in front of the window and talked to passers-by as I illustrated the Gospel.  The pastor reported seeing people around the corner reading the tract and invitation material that his son and I were handing out that evening.  The next morning I did a chalk-talk for the morning service and counseled one Hispanic lady for baptism reading key passages to her from her Spanish-English Bible.  After the service, three individuals were baptized in Lake Michigan, just across the street from the church.  They just dripped dry in the breeze while we all talked and enjoyed the afternoon.  I did one more gospel chalk talk near the beach area that Monday, and we headed south on Wednesday for our last appointment in Minford, Ohio.  We arrived safe in Virginia on the following SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESMonday, July 8th.  We know the Lord gave us every appointment for His purpose in His time.  Most of the people we met and places we ministered experienced chalk art ministry for the first time, and we have standing invitations to return.

High Desert to Low Desert: CHALKIN’ USA Part 3

2013 Mission USA Collage     Travel in the United States of America affords daily wonders of history, natural and human.  We met Alvin York’s grandson at his old home-place in Kentucky, saw Abraham Lincoln’s birthplace, and then traveled up the tram to the top of the St. Louis Arch—650 feet in the air above a flooded Mississippi River!  Our next ministry took us to Davenport, Oklahoma, and yet another pastor who had never seen chalk-art used as a tool for the Lord’s work.  That church building was overflowing with enthusiastic worshipers and guests for the day.  My sister Jane, who lives in Edmond, Oklahoma, arranged this meeting, and the pastor enthusiastically embraced chalk-art evangelism and our family.  After a few days visiting my sister and her family, we were off to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where we shared the Gospel with the combined youth and adults from two Chinese churches on a Friday evening.  Here we spent two nights in the home of our Chinese-American hosts, an amazing family of four children who blessed us greatly and sent us on our way to Gallup, New Mexico.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES     Over the course of the next week, we shared the Gospel and taught the Bible in two Navajo Nation mission churches and a Bible camp in the middle of the reservation area.  A number of children responded to the Gospel at that camp.  We did a series of drawings on Psalm 23 and gave the pictures to the campers by drawing names at the last service of the week.  The Native American children were especially intrigued with the art and asked me to incorporate their southwestern red mesas into the pictures, so I did just that!  Several of the children accepted Christ during that week of camp ministry.  Our western adventures took us from the high desert of New Mexico to the low desert of Tucson, Arizona, before we turned north and eastward.

Four Cylinders All the Way! CHALKIN’ USA Part 2

DSC00591    Covering territory from Virginia, to Oklahoma, to New Mexico, to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula took some fun thinking for a camper and a family of four.  First of all, a Toyota 22RE four cylinder engine has a comfort zone for daily mileage—slower speeds, frequent stops for gasoline, and not wearing out the drivers.  (Our 1986 Dolphin RV never missed a stroke in our 7-week, 6850 mile trip!)  I planned on making 300 miles per day, with only a few mad runs for mileage between the southwest and northeast destinations.  With this in mind, the trip lines meandered across the atlas on the red and gray roads, the old highways and by-ways of America.  Once I had the route planned, with departure dates set, a North Carolina church called to schedule two evangelistic services for their Upward Soccer and Awana awards nights.  So, we worked that right into the front of the schedule and added a trans-Great-Smokey-Mountain route to our already circuitous USA trip.  Then, an Ohio pastor invited us to share with his congregation which extended the end of our trip through the weekend of July 7th.   Our schedule was complete, and the route penciled in with plenty of slack in the travel time between engagements (so we thought).

2013 Mission USA CollageEach service and its people uniquely responded to the chalk-art ministry.  This was the first time the North Carolina church had had an evangelist come to share the gospel with the many unchurched parents and children attending each night of awards.  We camped in their parking lot for those two nights and then headed west through the mountains of North Carolina, Tennessee, and back roads to Louisville, Kentucky.  Throughout our two months of travel and ministry, we stayed in the RV in Walmart parking lots, church lots, and home driveways.  We did have the comfort of staying in several homes along the way and taking care of laundry needs.

Keli Ann, our 12-year-old daughter assisted in a 10 minute “teaser” drawing for the morning service in Louisville, KY, and the evening chalk-art service was well attended.


We camped overlooking a beautiful lake behind the church sitting almost on top of a 1940’s era bomb shelter.  So, Keli Ann and I ventured in with our lantern for a peek back in time.  When we parted this second venue, the pastor invited us back with great enthusiasm for chalk-art ministry!  Westward we traveled for yet more adventures and wonders.

Us Four and One More: CHALKIN’ USA Part 1

HaynesFamily2013 279x222 smaller     Us four and one more cuddly creature rolled across America this Summer.  Can this kind of faith ministry to open doors be done in the year of our Lord, two thousand and thirteen?  Sure, with the help of our Lord who promised His disciples the same provision and presence that He granted our family!

We pulled in the driveway on July 8th in our 1986 Toyota Dolphin, micro-mini RV, and looked at each other across the front seat and said, “It seems more like two days than two months!”  What a blessing to see God put together a ministry trip of 25 chalk-art services in places we had never met for people who, for the most part, had never seen chalk-art or met our family.  All along the 6850 mile trek, Good News Chalk Talks were well received with invitations to return for more ministries in the future.

     One year before we left in May, 2013, a church-planter headed for Menominee, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula on the western side of Lake Michigan, asked us to plan to come for his one-year anniversary on the last weekend in June of 2013.  So, our minds and prayers began on how God might use us in other places along the way.  Then, I received an e-mail from a New Mexico friend who said that a camp on the Navaho Nation reservation near Gallup, New Mexico, might enjoy our ministry for children’s camps in June of 2013.  We sent out information and received positive feedback, and the planning began.  My sister in Edmond, Oklahoma, said that she would tell pastors in that area about us.  This resulted in a pastor in Davenport, Oklahoma, inviting us to share sometime in June.  Some dear friends and former professor and wife in Louisville, Kentucky, said that their pastor was interested in us coming for ministry there as well.  Also, a missionary friend recommended us to Child Evangelism Fellowship missionaries reaching out in Chinese churches in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who eventually invited us to share in their dual-church Friday night service.  Appointments were coming in, so the trip planning began.  God’s amazing hand of leadership put the trip together, as we will explain later.  CLICK HERE TO SEE SLIDES from our travels and keep an eye out for the rest of the story!
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Chalk Art Class Saturday SEPT 28, 2013 – Early Bird Discount!!!

gca logo masterChalk-Art Ministry and Technique CLASS Scheduled for Saturday, SEPT 28, 2013, 10:00am – 4:00pm.   The class will be held at Alpha Arts/Legrand Studio at 945 Holland Street, Winston-Salem, NC  27101.   The $75 Registration Fee includes printed textbook/syllabus and chalk/paper starter kit.  Early-Bird Registrations get $15 Discount if you e-mail before Aug 31!!!!  Deposit and Registration of $25 is due by Wed, Sept 25th.  Click HERE to register through PayPal or call Dwight Haynes (540) 230-5782 to register with a credit or debit card by phone.

Chalk Art Ministry Website LAUNCHED by Dwight Haynes


Good News Chalk Talks just launched a new web address,  Explore the chalk art ministry of the Haynes family and its refreshing impact on churches and communities.  Contact for information.